Award-Winning 100% Kona Coffee


Naturally grown in rich volcanic soil and tended to by hand for generations, this is authentic, heirloom Kona-Typica coffee, grown in Kona Hawaii on our vintage single-estate farm. Many of our trees are approximately 100 years old, making them some of the very trees that helped to make Kona Coffee world famous. Remarkably smooth with notes of dark chocolate, this is the true taste of Kona.


Honey Limited2.png

Although the Honey process doesn't actually use honey, the coffee does have a noticeable sweetness to it. Due to the sweet outer fruit of the coffee bean is left on while being sun-dried without being fermented first, intensifying the sugars and flavors. 

We processed a very small amount of our coffee this year using the "Honey" process and are only able to release 50 bags of this unique and delicious coffee. Get yours today while supplies last!

Available in Three Grades

Coffee from the same trees are sorted by size and type. It starts with our best seller Estate Select and then to the largest beans for Extra Fancy. Peaberry is a bean which grew by itself instead of as a pair which is typical. This means the Peaberry bean did not have to share nutrients with another berry. Only 2-3% of our coffee is Peaberry. It's a must-try when available.

Estate Select

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Remarkably balanced and well rounded taste that can only be found in true 100% Kona Coffee

Extra Fancy

Extra Fancy 12oz edited

This is the highest grade of coffee we offer. The largest and most sought-after bean grade...


Peaberry 12oz_edited.png

These are the rarest of rare beans you'll find. A gift from nature, Peaberry beans...

Extra Fancy

This the best grade of coffee we offer. The largest and most sought-after bean grade, No. 19 "Kona Extra Fancy Grade" delivers an amazing cup of coffee.