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Exceptionally smooth, we sort our award-winning coffee and roast each grade separately to ensure even roasting. We then re-combine our "Fancy" and "Kona #1" grade beans for our Estate Select offering.  This is produces a balanced and well rounded taste that only found in true 100% Kona Coffee with it's full body, smooth finish and amazing aroma.

Naturally grown on our vintage single-estate farm with many trees being approximately a century in age. Our coffee trees have been tended to by hand for generations of farmers. Plentiful fruit, avocado and macadamia nut trees provide a naturally shaded environment and soil enrichment. The coffee we produce will give you the true taste of Kona.

Remarkably smooth with notes of dark chocolate and nuts.

Estate Select 4oz - 100% Kona Coffee

    • Size: 18 "Fancy" and Size:16 "Kona #1 mix

    • Elevation: 1,350'  ASL

    • Contains beans from trees aged 3 years to over 100 years

    • Single-Estate

    • Shade Grown

    • Roasted to Order

    • Farm Direct
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