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Sweet with a hint of the fruit from which the coffee bean comes from, Honey coffee is a delicious version of our Estate Select 100% Kona Coffee. After picking, the coffee is pulped, removing the beans from the cherries as usual leaving sticky sugary flesh with a golden hue on the beans, as if they were covered in honey, thus the name of this process. The beans are then sun dried, absorbing the added sugars and flavors over the weeks it takes to dry.


Note that we only offer Honey processed coffee in Medium and Medium-Dark roasts to preserve the nuances of these flavors.


A major benefit of the Honey process is that it uses less water reducing our impact and we're always thinking about how we can be kinder to the environment.

As a small trial amount, every stage of this coffee has been done at an artisinal scale. Picked, dried, sorted, roasted and bagged here on our farm. Since we only processed a very small amount of our coffee this way as a trial, we have VERY little of this coffee available for sale. Only 50 twelve ounce bags will be made available this year so if you are interested in trying this delicious coffee for yourself, don't wait!

12oz HONEY Processed 100% Kona Coffee

    • Honey Processed
    • Elevation: 1,350' ASL
    • Contains beans from trees aged 3 years to over 100 years
    • Single-Estate
    • Shade Grown
    • Roasted to Order
    • Farm Direct
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