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These are the rarest of rare beans you'll find. A gift from nature, Peaberry beans come from the same coffee trees as the rest of our coffee but only about 3-5% of all beans harvested are Peaberry beans. Peaberry beans are considered to have the most dense packing of soluble flavor compounds of all bean types. Although they come from the very same trees, they taste different. The same flavor is present but with different notes coming forward while others play a supportive role. They are quite wonderful and a must-try if they are available.

Naturally grown on our single-estate farm, the age of the trees vary with some being older than a century. They have been tended to by hand for generations of farmers. Plentiful fruit, Avocado and Macadamia nut trees provide a natural shaded environment for some of the worlds best coffee, giving you a true taste of the land.

Notes of chocolate and nuts with award-winning smoothness.

Peaberry 4oz - 100% Kona Coffee

    • Limited Release: Peaberry
    • HDA Standard: Type 2
    • Elevation: 1,100' - 1,200' ASL
    • Contains beans from trees aged 3 years to over 100 years
    • Single-Estate
    • Shade Grown
    • Roasted to Order
    • Farm Direct
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