Our First Baby Duck!

Exploring a new world for the first time.

Yesterday was a milestone for us here on Hawaiian Mana Farm. We had our first duckling make it's debut. The mother had been sitting on the eggs all day for many weeks only leaving for food and water twice a day. Then yesterday, she was out but we had no idea that the duckling was with her. When she moved a little, there was this bright little yellow fuzzball in the grass. We were all so excited. We'd swear that the mother duck was smiling. She certainly looked like she had a happy face.

We are hoping more eggs will hatch soon and we'll have the next generation of ducks to work on our farm. Ducks are great for pest control at ground level. They also eat a lot of the unwanted vegetation and turn all of that into manure which feeds the soil and ultimately our coffee and fruit trees. It's a great, all natural process.

Happy momma with her new baby duckling!

We only have a few ducks now and are hoping to get more. Our one male has been working hard all season with our five females to produce some ducklings but with limited success...

Momma duck is teaching her baby what water is.

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