Can I Buy Coffee Here?

We had a couple visiting us in the afternoon. They had visited our farm while visiting Hawaii before and wanted to stop by again. They stayed for a while and we had a nice conversation over coffee. Near the end of their visit, a woman came walking quickly down our driveway. Her daughter-in-law is a customer of ours who had told this woman that she needed to skip Oahu and visit the Big Island and specifically to visit our farm. Ours is the coffee she had been serving her and her husband, so this woman was determined to find us and get some coffee.

Still walking quickly, she asked "Can I buy coffee here?"

The answer is of course, YES! We sell coffee right here on the farm! In fact, visiting us is a great way to learn about your coffee, see how it is made and get to know the people behind it all. If you are in Hawaii or plan on visiting, you can schedule a free farm tour right on our website! While here, you can pick up some coffee for yourself or as gifts for some lucky coffee lovers back home.

Even though we changed our name, these happy customers still found us!

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